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Electronic Photo Books

We've decided to take advantage of current Internet publishing technology by offering electronic photo-books, or, eBooks. What exactly are eBooks? Basically, illustrated pdf files that function the same as a print publication once downloaded and viewed on your computer monitor. Economically, they can be produced and distributed at a very modest cost. There are no pricey publishers, editors or similar overhead costs to accrue and pass on. Production time, sometimes requiring weeks, months, or even years, can be rapid. Unsold, wasted inventory is nonexistent. Shipping is as fast as a click on your computer screen. Visually, we feel that viewing from the computer monitor adds a translucent, near cinematic quality and depth to the image that doesn't quite come across in print. Disadvantage is that the viewer doesn't have a solid object in his hands to leaf through, as we are all accustomed to in print publishing. Subsequently, each book will also be available in hardcover or softcover print format, at a comparable cost.

Our first publication is titled The Ridge - Sandstone Bouldering of Chestnut Ridge (32 pages). It is a collection of photographs acquired throughout initial development of this fine climbing area. It features talented local climbers sending new hard lines at this exceptional backwoods locale.

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Cost per eBook is $3.00/each. Print books are priced as follows - Hardcover: $56.00/each. Softcover: $40.00/each. Cost includes shipping. eBooks can be ordered immediately by clicking on the above order button. Inquiries regarding print books can be addressed to us via our contact page. We will get back to you at our first opportunity regarding ordering information.

Once you have downloaded your eBook, and if viewing in Windows, we suggest that you perform the following setting adjustments for optimum viewing performance: Menu>Window>Full Screen. Viewing on a Mac requires no setting adjustments. Scroll through your eBook by simply hitting the forward(>) or backward(<) keys on your computer keyboard. Exit full screen viewing format (Windows) by hitting the Escape (Esc) key on your keyboard.

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