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January 2012

     Fall 2010
Near the end of January 2012. Hardly touched a camera for the past 12 months. No trips. That's OK , was a nice break. Only about 4-5 weeks left to the winter that so far, other than a few short bursts, has never happened. That's OK, too. Bring on Spring - have a good project or two in the works, a return out west planned and some new gear and equipment to experiment with. No lack of old footage as well. Here's some new old stuff:

'Internet Connection': Tim Anderson and Laura Hahn at work on a cold day in February, 2007. An early, very steep (overhanging, actually), scratch and claw, mixed Grade 5/M7. One of the first in SWPA. Includes some good unexpected entertainment courtesy of Tim. A 'Gun Club' route.
Mini DV/SD video footage.

'Gun Club Wall': An old clip pulled from the first WPA ICE video (2001). Tim Anderson and visiting Montana climber Matt McCune at work on the classic ice routes NRA (WI4+) and Cave Shot (WI4+). Old grainy HI8 footage. Still fun.
HI8/SD video footage. Audio/commentary track has been re-edited for content (dated information). Added a music track instead.
Note: For those interested, these are typical winter conditions for this area, when conditions are right - 6 to 7 out of every 10 years, we'd say.

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