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March 2011

Amphitheater II

We were invited by climbers and friends Tim and Laura to return to the 'Amphitheater' this recent ice season to photograph a further attempt at freeing the severely overhanging mixed rock and ice "project" begun last winter. The invite couldn't have happened at a better time. We were looking to test a jib and assorted mounts we fabricated to accessorize a GoPro miniature HD camera that we've come to love. We were also looking to give the camera and equipment a cold weather workout. In spite of some difficult lighting conditions, the GoPro performed like a pro on all counts. The footage turned out so well that we decided to edit together a short segment for viewing herein (see the Cinema page for video). Tim put on a pretty impressive display of endurance, working the route to completion following a single "hang" early along the route. Subsequent end of February warm temperatures and rain have so far ended any further attempts at a "clean" ascent for this year. Courtesy of Laura we were also able to get some impressive high-angle shots of the short but sweet adjoining ice column and curtains. Thanks to Tim and Laura for some good stuff, as usual.

We'll be back.

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