Wildfilm - Filmmakers and Photographers
Specializing in outdoor/adventure sports and the natural environment, with emphasis on Pennsylvania's wild places

"Nature comes home to one when he is at home; the stranger and traveler finds her a stranger
and traveler also. Ones own landscape comes in time to be a sort of outlying part of himself . . ."
-John Burroughs-
Nineteenth Century Naturalist

Whitewater paddling, rock and ice climbing, backwoods skiing and biking, hunting, fishing, four wheeling, caving, waterfalls, swimming holes, bears, beavers, bobcats, rattlesnakes, river otters, frogs, and wildflowers - Southwestern Pennsylvania provides countless opportunities for capturing striking photographic images

A lifetime of pursuing various outdoor activities along the ridges, hollows, streams and rivers of backwoods Southwestern Pennsylvania has taught us not only the best fishing holes along a favorite trout stream, but also the best time of day to capture some awesome backlighting for photographing that familiar downhill mountain bike run.

The pursuit of Wildfilm is to chronicle unique backwoods activities, wildlife, and locales through still photography and motion picture production.

Services include:
-Stock Still Photography (35mm and Digital Photo).
-Stock Motion Picture Photography (16mm to Digital Tape).
-Motion Picture Production (DVD-Video).
-Industrial Film & Digital
-NEW High Definition (HD) Video

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